Listening 4/12

Two things.

  1. I’ve been posting these after midnight so my dates have been off
  2. I’ve decided to keep a running tally so keep checking up on my posts to see exactly where I’m at

Interstices- Thomas Heberer, Achim Kaufmann, Ken Filiano

  • this ones a bit of an old fave came out in October check out my Ear Worms section later for more information

The Black Meat- Kristoffer Lo

  • haven’t listened to this before
  • came out in february on the propeller recordings label
  • really nice droning tuba sounds aided by pedals
  • upon first listen… I loved it

Wadada Leo Smith and Vijay Iyer- A Cosmic Rhythm with Each Stroke

  • haven’t gotten around to this one yet even though it came out a month ago
  • don’t know why
  • BUT
  • I love both of these players so I’m anticipating a positive result
  • spectacular playing on both sides Smith and Iyer compliment each other very well
  • might not necessarily be a monumental moment in Smith’s career
  • unfortunately the listener has come to expect this type of playing from him
  • but it’s hard to make major aesthetic changes this late in a career
  • more listens may shed more light on the brilliance

Esperanza Spalding- Emily’s D+Evolution

  • one of my top albums of the month of March decided to revisit it
  • really awesome check the ear worms post

Viet Cong-Viet Cong

  • great overall album
  • good blend of old influences (COUGH COUGH JOY DIVISION)
  • and new sounds

Trying out Gallant’s Ology Now

  • my roommate played this for me hated it
  • but i wanted to give it a more focussed listen so here I am




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