Listening 4/14

Bleached- Welcome the Worms

  • revisiting this read my first impression here
  • weezarian melodies
  • it’s pretty awesome
  • quick hitting fun
  • varied songwriting approach

Weezer- White Album

  • feeling power pop-y this morning
  • alright this album is amazing
  • damn april has been a great month
  • love the pet sounds influence it’s subtle but definitely there
  • helped them crafte a new sound

Terrace Martin- Velvet Portraits

  • liked a good amount of it first time around didn’t love every second of it though
  • we’ll see how the second listen goes
  • yeah i would definitely say I’m into it
  • not really a fan of the song “patiently waiting”
    • the world just doesn’t need another 6/8 blues tune with slick saxophone lines
  • skipped it digging the trumpet solo on “tribe called west”
  • I like the idea of making an album as a saxophone player that’s not entirely based around the one instument
  • the focus is placed on the production
  • very forward thinking

DJ Shadow- Nobody Speak (feat. Run the Jewels) (single)

  • digging this

Jameszoo- Flu (single)

  • this guy is really cool
  • Brainfeeder strikes again
  • highly anticipating his album on May 13th

Anderson .Paak- Malibu

  • haven’t really gotten into this yet only listened to it once (don’t remember finishing it)
  • i’ll give it a more focussed listened rn
  • some awesome beats I’m digging it
  • I fully admit that I slept on this one hate it when that happens but it does
  • this album is fantastic

Suuns- Hold/Still

  • really liked my first listen yesterday here goes round 2
  • seriously loving this one lately



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