Here’s how things work

Listening- this is a log of most of what I listen to each day I update it as I go along so you really get a direct look at where my opinions stand and how I keep myself well versed in certain musical styles and things.  Sometimes I listen to music on the go and I spin my records pretty often so it’s not literally EVERY single song I hear EVERY day but it’s the notable stuff.

First Impressions- this is just my quick points on albums that I’ve only heard one time.  I try to keep it very fair here because I don’t want to write anything off too quickly because I might fall in love with it later, but if I really don’t like something you’ll probably know based on this

Ear Worms- This is meant to be one step past listening.  If I like something a lot and it sticks with me it goes here.  It’s usually one of the songs on the album, but I try to stick with just albums I like in full so if it’s just a single I’m digging I will specify. Blog just started but I’m gonna try and keep it to the last 18 months so it’s stuff I’ve been following from the start.  You’re not going to see classics on this blog other than in my Listening log.

On the Monthly- This is a month by month look at what was release and what was good.  At the end of each month I make a post about

Full Review- My reviews generally go up on so they might be a little Montreal-centric, but I really like the albums I review so it’s another step beyond “Ear Worms.”  The name “positivelyunderground” comes from my original idea to just keep it positive and promote music I do like but I might have a lot of time on my hands this summer so I might start doing bad reviews because I think they bring out the brilliance in the good a little more.  I’m not entirely sure yet.

Musical Thoughts- ex. “the jazz community is not focused enough on being forward thinking” but with more explanation



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