Listening 4/22

Wadada Leo Smith and Vijay Iyer- A Cosmic Rhythm with Each Stroke

  • enjoyed it first time around
  • Wadada is a hugely important figure in the history of free jazz
  • felt a bit expected but a second listen should unveil some more nuance and detail
  • Wadada’s playing is absolutely killing and I think Vijay Iyer perfectly establishes a mood/aesthetic for Smith to play with
  • probably going to soak this in all weekend and write a review of it
  • it’s been doing very well at my radio station

Kristoffer Lo- The Black Meat

  • enjoyed the first listen here goes round two
  • really powerful
  • he truly envelopes you in his soundscape
  • there are some seriously amazing moments on the song “The Black Meat”

Twenty One 4tet- Live at Zaal 100

  • been listening to this one quite a bit this month
  • really sweet free jazz quartet playing all around




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