Listening 4/23

Anderson .Paak- Malibu

  • just waking up to some paak haha put the album on shuffle while I got ready this morning

Stefan Cristoff and Ras Moshe- Rêves Sonores à Alwan

  • great Howl! tape that just dropped this week
  • bought the cassette last night at this concert
  • can be listened to here
  • really enjoying this one love the combination of Stefan’s darkly phrased piano work and Moshe’s reserved nature on the Sax
  • potential album review material

Ida Toninato- Strangeness is Gratitude

  • really in the mood for droning ambient electronic free jazz
  • because I’m a prick
  • no but this stuff is really interesting

Suuns- Hold/Still

  • montreal post-rock/metal outfit
  • really interesting combination of these musical styles as well as repurposed electronic grooves
  • joy division and radiohead much?
  • lol a little bit
  • really like the gritty vocals

Weezer- S/t/whitealbum

  • this is really getting to me
  • trying to pull myself out of the ambient mess I’ve been listening to lately
  • bright sunbathed beach boys power pop
  • probably gonna soundtrack my summer

Colleen Green- Singles

Lou Reed- Transformer

  • probably gonna be spinning some classics and vinyl for the rest of the day
  • adios





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