Listening 4/25

Beyonce- Lemonade

  • I keep it underground on this blog but if you can’t at least respect beyonce’s new album you’re wrong

Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane

  • jazz classic
  • two big names working together
  • I like the contrast of Monk’s quirkiness and Coltrane’s lines

Ras Moshe and Stefan Christoff- Reves Sonores A Alawan

  • writing a review
  • great new Montreal release

Prince- Purple Rain

  • no explanation necessary

Snarky Puppy- Culcha Vulcha

  • I like Snarky but they aren’t really a band that changes up their style all that much and they release a lot of albums so I sort of have my doubts
  • we’ll just see how it goes
  • first 10 minutes are a bit bland I’ll listen a little further

Wadada Leo Smith- Red Hill

  • very much in the mood for Wadada right now look out for a bunch of his albums tomorrow

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