Weezer-California Kids_Ear Worms

Weezer has been the subject of a lot of controversy since their widely acclaimed premier Blue album.  Pinkerton’s controversial lyrics kept it out of the conversation for a while as the band attempted to return to their roots (unsuccessfully) on Green Album.  The band then tried to appeal to the pop audience (again unsuccessfully) on the Red album and Make Believe.  Although Pinkerton’s artistry had been recognized by this point, fans and critics were divided.  That is, until the song Back to the Shack was released.  With its punchy rock qualities and cheeky lyrical moments such as “I forgot that disco sucks,”  Back to the Shack seemed to successfully return to Weezer’s roots.  Despite some dry moments such as I’ve Had it Up to here and Go AwayEverything Will Be Alright in the End was a great moment for the band; Weezer was a fun loving rock band in their old age.  The White Album seems to be an album that has solidified all of the band’s ideas on Everything Will Be Alright in the End.  The quick hitting narrative of a summer at the California Beach is presented over some sick Power Pop melodies resulting in a fantastic 40 minute rundown of heartbreak and sunburst fun.  California Kids operates as a good old fashioned kick ass opener, mirroring the effects of “My Name is Jonas” and “Tired of Sex” in a way only Rivers Cuomo could.  I’ve been listening to this song every morning for a week now and the whole album is becoming an early 2016 favorite of mine.


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