Tacocat- Lost Time_Quick 100

“addicting Ear worms did not bring Lost Time into the territory of greatness”

Tacocat’s fun loving way of writing songs is infectious and Lost Time is an enjoyable, quick-hitting album. From the downbeat of “Dana Katherine Scully,” the album begins a string of ironic surf rock songs that provide many reasons to smile.  On “You Can’t Fire Me, I Quit,”  Tacocat plays with the immaturity of break-ups. “Men Explain Things to Me” might be the best example of Tacocat’s dry sense of humor as lead singer Emily takes down the patriarchy one mansplainer at a time with blunt lyricism;

“Though I know all about
The words you’re spitting out
The floor is yours without a doubt”

Despite the carefree nature of the album, Lost Time lacks the emotional content and evolution needed for a great sophomore album.  Although mansplaining is an important societal issue, the band addresses it in the traditional Tacocat manner that the world was exposed to on NVM without “pouring their heart out” so to speak.  Although “Talk” takes on a dark tonality and questions the way in which cell phones have disrupted the modern day conversation, the band only dabbles in this territory almost immediately returning to excessive happiness for the rest of the track-list.

Tacocat is good at what they do.  They make fun rock music that would probably make for a fantastic live show, however, their priority for addicting Ear worms did not bring Lost Time into the territory of greatness.



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