Death Grips-Bottomless Pit_First Impressions

Death Grips have become infamous for their confusing manner of releasing and promoting albums.  At this point, they fall completely under the category of independent despite once being signed to a major label for the album”The Money Store.”  Last year their two albums were released via free Soundcloud download and their seven total albums over the past couple years have always managed to feel new.  Their new album, “Bottomless Pit,” opens harder than anything the ensemble has ever done with “Giving Bad People Good Ideas.”  The fast-paced, electronically manipulated opening vocals are quickly met with chaotic drums and synth sounds with lead singer(?) Stefan Burnett’s signature articulations breaking through the mess.  This shock of intensity is contrasted a bit deeper into the track-list particularly in the song “Eh.”  Burnett’s vocals are subdued here; a rarely exposed side of Death Grips.  The eerie synth sounds reach out into the darkness rather than exploding into oblivion.

Overall, “Bottomless Pit” leaves a fantastic first impression.  Death Grips have presented a collection of really sleek, quick hitting songs with fantastically crisp texture that once again push into the future, an incredible accomplishment at this stage of an experimental career.




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