Radiohead- “True Love Waits” _Ear Worms

Radiohead’s new album A Moon Shaped Pool is writhe with sweeping instrumental melodies and ambient soundscapes.  The album ends on a particularly emotional note with the beauty of “True Love Waits.”  Yorke’s voice cracks over the looping piano part providing a high level of intimacy.  Despite the album encompassing a lot of different sounds as a whole, “True Love Awaits” is very subdued leaving Yorke alone in a sea of white noise.  The chord progression of the piano leaves room for optimism and sadness with the mixture of major 7th and minor tonalities.  The chord makes the change to minor when the lyrics approach the depressing with: “I’m not living/I’m just Killing Time.”  Indistinct, low pitched reverberations add mystery to the mood of the song before Yorke

Another important aspect of the album as a whole is the stagnation of the vocals.  Yorke’s melodies remain in similar ranges for each song with the detailing coming from the subtle changes in the sounds surrounding him.  Although the album did not come across as a shocking re-imagination of the band’s sound, the results are still as beautiful as ever and “True Love Waits” serves as a perfect finish.



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