Death Grips-“Giving Bad People Good Ideas”_Ear Worms


On their new album, Death Grips continue their tirade of the music business with another genre-smashing collection of hard core musical creations.  Bottomless Pit may be the band’s most destructive blood bath yet and opener “Giving Bad People Good Ideas” sets the tone for the quick-hitting 35 minutes that follow. The fast-paced female vocals that begin the song immediately pull the listener into their world before the dystopian guitar chugging and glass drum beats wring in the ever-powerful vocal delivery of MC Ride. Ride’s disjointed flow evokes a feeling of insanity with other additions to the song haunting the listener to their core.  The song is almost entirely unrelenting, with Ride’s breaks lasting for seconds before his words fade back into the picture.  Although Death Grips are deep into their discography at this point, they still manage to surprise with crispier production, meaner aesthetics, and somehow even more powerful delivery from each member of the ensemble.



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