The Posterz_Concert Coverage

“Posterz Homecoming Show Solidifies their Place as Montreal’s Hottest New Rap Group”

Posterz Pic1

“There’s a big different between the last two Posterz shows at the Belmont.  In December, the group opened for Vince Staples and provided the crowd with a fun, energetic performance that exposed their potential.  Their use of a Tame Impala sample and other, unique production tactics provided for an above average level of musicality to accompany their fierce rap verses.  Unfortunately, the group was plagued by technical difficulties, which distracted from their songwriting prowess.  Friday the 13th in May was a different story.  Fresh off being named top rap group by the Cult MTL poll, The Posterz made a statement.  Immediately the group established their stage presence with pounding beats and the use of distorted, droning guitar sounds.  Their first song began with the repetition of the hook “Then we came up, f***ed the game up,” culminating in a huge bass drop that sent the crowd into a raging pit.  The hour of music that followed showcased a wide range of beats and sounds, entertaining the crowd from start to finish.”

Read the rest right here



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