Suuns-“Resistance”_Ear Worms

“Resistance” is a perfect example of the grittiness achieved by Suuns on their new album Hold/Still.  The brooding bass sounds accompany the snarling vocal delivery of the lead singer, building and building into a hypnotic groove.  Pressing synth waves and ricocheting guitars build up tension culminating in a release of tension into more ambient territory for each chorus section.  Here the vocals are sung in quiet, high range, a stark contrast to the clenching teeth of the verses.  Lyrically, Suuns paint nondescript lyrical pictures of anger and struggle that perfectly match the nature of their sounds.  After repeating the title of the song for the first couple minutes music, the lead singer contradicts himself saying “I wanna change, I wanna feel new.”  The back and forth thematic points follow the contrasting nature of the music.  The production on this album is truly to die for.  Every sound drips with darkness culminating in an aesthetically pleasing experience from star to finish.



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