T-Rextasy-Jurassic Punk_First Impressions

On their debut album, punkers T-Rextasy employ unique vocal deliveries over their riot grrl foundation to stand out in a crowded genre.  Lyris Faron is pleasantly quirky in her stand-out vocal work with rip-roaring choruses bringing in vocals from each member of the band.  The guitars are sunburst and fun and the drums driving, pushing the band through a quick-hitting 30 minutes of music with deep critiques of society.

Their songs touch upon topics of male privilege and feminist issues.  NPR sponsored “Gap Yr Boiz” provides a tongue-in-cheek analysis of those people we all knew in college who went abroad and obnoxiously declared their wholehearted contributions to the world through a blog.  Ironic lines such as “there were eco-friendly fields of kale he needed to help grow” weave a tale about one of Faron’s past love interests left her to go help the world.  The example of Kale serves as an intriguing societal critique as the benefits of kale are certainly overblown by rich “foodies” today and although kale has significant health benefits, going abroad to plant kale seeds would serve more as self-benefiting than actually making a difference in the state of the world.

Another aspect of the privilege analyzed in this song is the theme of cultural appropriation.  One of the “Gap Yr Boiz” is described putting all of his “beats” on “Souncloud.”  This combined with the fact that he is wealthy enough to be traveling abroad makes a point about the problems with culture vultures.  The boy in question is trying to be a part of hip hop culture without actually facing any of the race issues surrounding the black people who founded the genre.  As someone who is also going abroad, he repeats this type of privilege by engaging in some sort of “underprivileged” culture as the rich savior.  T-Rextasty then loathes over the fact that “they [the gap year boys] all had dreadlocks” reasserting their point about white privilege.

Another subject of discussion on Jurrasic Punk is slut shaming, particularly on the tune “Daylight Lover,” a song about a girl who is a “daylight lover and sunshine fucker.”  The song depicts the different set of expectations thrust upon each gender for sex. By suggesting that the character in question is “walking like a woman and fucking like a man,” T-Rexstasy puts into question the idea that women should serve all of men’s expectations and desires, but also be considered “slutty” or easy.

I really enjoyed my first listen of this album.  I believe that its a good example of happy-go-lucky sound aesthetics being used to articulate heavy issues in society and I think that this album will stick with me for a while.




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