Jameszoo-“Soup”_Ear Worms


Jameszoo is a new Brainfeeder artist who has delivered a unique electronic jazz sound on his debut release Fool.  On “Soup” Jameszoo favors floating guitar noodling, eventually incorporating a juicy synthesizer motive into his open space.  The synthesizer motive continuously enters, leaves, and re-enters each time finding more of a developed rhythm around it.  This approach allows Jameszoo to accomplish both continuity and unpredictability as the motive continuously develops a stronger impact because of the more constructed song structure with each re-entry.  On the other hand, by avoiding heavy synthesizer repetition, Jameszoo remains playfully subdued in his melodic flow.  Typically an electronic producer may build upon a simple melodic idea, but most would not think to use the root of their melody so sparingly, which is what makes Jameszoo stick out so heavily.  Towards the end of the track, the synthesizer vanishes into obscurity leaving only a metronomical ticking sound to carry the listener into the next track, thus showing once more Jameszoo’s knack for unique structure.



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