T-Rexstasy-“I Wanna Be a Punk Rocker”_Ear Worms

Jurassic Punk cover art


There’s a lot of punk rock songs that have the phrase “punk rocker” in the title.  Generally, the genre uses these songs to poke fun at themselves as punk rockers are not usually seen as highly functioning members of society who are fulfilling the dreams of their parents.  On T-Rexstasy’s rendition of “I Wanna Be a Punk Rocker,” lead singer Lyris Faron begins with her father’s words “oh daughter dearest… you will become a doctor after studying at Cornell.”  The words “Oh dearest” become a lyrical motive from this point as Faron switches between playing the character of her father and herself who continuously states “I Wanna be a Punk Rocker.”  What makes the song special is the vocal delivery of Lyris and the rest of her band.  The chorus is fun, the guitar playing crude, making the song a perfect example of punk rock.   Also, the song presents an interesting predicament as Faron emphasizes the fact that she loves her father despite the fact that she is defying his wishes. Punk rock is a “lucrative art” but those who participate in it are not necessarily lucrative people they simply don’t fit into the mold of someone else.



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