Skepta-“Numbers”_Ear Worms

Skepta is a big name in the Grime scene but he’s not one to waste words on ego construction.  His flow remains straightforward. His beats hard-hitting and dance-able.  On “Numbers” he dismisses the obsession on material worth instead seeking to prove his worth purely through his musical conviction.  When faced with rappers who talk about their success, Skepta questions them, asking “Then how come they are never on tour?”  He also asserts his dominance when he wonders “How [he’s] killin’ all these [guys] in the scene” towards the beginning of the song.

The assertive theme of the song matches the punchy nature of the beat.  Generally speaking, Konnichiwa accomplishes an especially sleek sound aesthetic.  Here the use of a very melodic bass line and simple snare hit keeps the beat smooth and subdued.  Rather than over using these metallic, electronic sounds in the style of some of the world’s pop-EDM producers, Skepta avoids excess through his subtle rhythmic articulations rather than overly dense dance beats.

Konnichiwa serves as a great example of a quick moving album that remains intriguing from beginning to end.  Skepta is a rough and tough character, but his production always remains very sleek and musical.  By avoiding extremely active, slick sound stylings, Skepta sounds more convincing as he rips a big hole in the music scene around him.



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