Speedy Ortiz-“Foiled Again EP”_First Impressions

On their new EP, Speedy Ortiz present a quick collection of darkly tinged punk tunes including leftovers from their 2015 release Foil Deer.  Generally speaking, these types of projects lack intrigue and only serve as a small extra piece of excitement for a band’s most dedicated fans.  However, by collaborating with young figures of the hip hop community, Speedy Ortiz manage to create an interesting, cohesive piece that surprises from beginning to end.

Throughout, Sadie Dupuis’ vocals are subdued matching the dark nature of the guitar tones.  On “Death Note,” the catchy melody matches the chugging chords without being over the top resulting in a really balanced approach.  The second track on the album provides an interesting combination of personalities as Dupuis is joinged by Lizzo.  The boom-bap rooted beat is highlighted by the bouncy vocal melody and Lizzo’s convincing flow.  The slight tendency for the dark connects these two tracks allowing the rap crossover to be completed sensibly.

The third song on the album “Emma O” is a bit less interesting.  Although well executed, “Emma O,” falls into a relatively basic rock ballad form with corny lyrical moments and guitar melodies.  The final track on the album returns to the intriguing collaborative mentality with a really mellow beat by Open Mike Eagle.  Spawned from Dupuis vocals, the remix of “Puffer” makes for a cool re-imagination of the song’s bouncing nature.

Overall, the EP is really well done.  Speedy Ortiz haven’t simply reiterated their ideas from 2015 but pleasantly complemented their songwriting skills with intriguing collaboration and well executed dark aesthetics.




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