Nothing New to Say Tonight

been busy trying to cover as much of Suoni Per Il Popolo as possible this week

Tonight, my concert of choice was Tim Darcy and AJ Cornell delivering their entire album “Too Significant To Ignore” and it was something of an experience for me.  I feel like I have a lot of bias because both of these musicians are former employees of the radio station I volunteer at, but the event solidified the album as one of my favorites of the year.  I really loved every minute of it.  I knew every lyric.  It’s something I’ve listened to a tun this year and I really know I’m not going to be forgetting about it anytime soon.

Darcy’s lyricism is complex and abstract leaving the listener at something of a distance, but with each listen I feel like I pull back some of his layers gaining more insight into his messages.  One of the things I noticed was the clothing choices of him and Cornell.  Darcy was dressed entirely in white with Cornell dawning a glittery top. I think this alludes to some of the differences between each of their contributions to the soundscape.  Darcy somewhat digs himself into an emotionless hole bringing an element of tension to the songs as he plays with mundane, everyday actions.  When Cornell is left alone to create drone tunes they have a pleasant air to them.  Her slow moving melodies are simply writhe with beauty.  These contrasting contributions were represented visually by the clothing choices.

Anyways I’m going to be reviewing this show more extensively in my article of festival highlights re-read the review I wrote of the album the week it came out if you’re intrigued.

“We’ve always known Tim Darcy had a way with words.  Last year he stunned us with the line “I’m no longer afraid to die cause that is all that I have left” from the song “Beautiful Blue Sky” on Ought’s Sun Coming Down.  The band’s first album More than Any Other Dayalso had its brilliant lyrical moments; “today, more than any other day, I am prepared to make a decision between 2% and whole milk” said Darcy in a particularly ironic discussion of his grocery shopping.  With the help of electronic musician AJ Cornell, Darcy’s lyrical talent and vocal delivery have been put in a vacuum.  Gone are the erratic rhythms and bass lines he’s usually featured beside.  Gone is Darcy’s guitar centered songwriting style and vocal hooks.  Replacing the usual Ought set-up is AJ Cornell’s eerie avant-garde electronic backdrop, which has brought a whole new personality out of Darcy resulting in the album Too Significant To Ignore.”

you can re-read the rest of my review here

Also I’ll get back to posting a bunch probably once Friday hits.

look out for quick 100 for Kweku Collins, The Range, and T-Rexstasy



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