Colleen Green-Colleen Green_Quick 100

“mediocre extension of last year’s effort”

The 6 tracks on Colleen Green’s self-titled EP follow a similar template to last year’s I Want to Grow Up, but she seems to drown in her influences a bit and fail to write enough contrasting songs, making for a mediocre extension of last year’s effort.  The sound aesthetic has changed a bit.  Green’s voice is a bit more subdued and her guitar more distorted making for a more alt-rock version of her “ramones-core” songwriting style.  One of the things that bothered me about the record is she uses some licks that come directly from the Ramones playbook.  Although the song surrounding these licks is changed extensively it reads as an odd tribute to the world’s most famous punk band. Also, the album sort of sticks to the same tempos and the same drum machine beats from beginning to end making it a bit stale by song 5.  That being said Colleen Green does successfully weave a pleasant thought-provoking song on “Green My Eyes” and judging by the quick release strategy, this album wasn’t suppose to signify a big moment in her career.  It would be nice to see more growth with a more extensive release in a year or two hopefully with the accompaniment of more instrumentalists.



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