Pierre-Luc Simon-Fixations_First Impressions

Fixations cover art

Pierre-Luc Simon is a member of Montreal’s improvised music community and his knack for encapsulating minimalism is the subject of this new tape “Fixations.”  The album is entirely made of percussion with Simon’s musicality being the sole source of entertainment.  For the most part the album is attention grabbing, but I believe the first of the two tracks is more well-executed.

The piece begins with repetitive rhythms on the tune “Apparition.”  The piece makes subtle changes throughout but the piece essentially sames centered around the same idea making for a certain level of cohesion.  Simon doesn’t use an flashy drum talents instead constructing a 12 minute phrase with a very intriguing level of musical development.  In the second piece, “Cataire Party” relies a bit more on exciting technicality than logical progression.  Where the pulsing rhtyhm of “Apparition” becomes the root of ever musical choice, “Cataire Party” is more reliant on stopping to adjust to the next exercise in technicality.

Despite some level of excess on the second piece, the album is surprisingly musical considering its choice of instrument and I envision myself returning to it at some point in the near future.



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