The Range- Potential_Quick 100

On “Potential” The Range offers a beautiful collection of sounds built on the foundation of keyboard melodies decorated by samples found around the depths of youtube.  Beginning with the words “right now I don’t have a back-up plan for if I don’t make it,”  opener “Regular” attains an anxious tone.  In a way the album sheds light on the feelings of youth as some moments lead to bright beauty and others dwell on anxiety and heartbreak.  The album builds into moments of glory on its particularly dance-able tracks like “Copper Wire” and “Florida.”  The Range is a master of texture.  His warm baritone-range melodies are always highlighted by clicking drum sounds and plucked strings giving the tracks beautifully articulated rhythms.  It is truly astounding how well integrated the youtube samples are.  Although they avoid the forefront a bit, instead manipulated in a way that values melody over lyricism, The Range doesn’t use them to show off, always valuing musicality in the highest regard.



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