Speedy Ortiz- “Death Note”_Ear Worms

Foiled Again EP cover art


Fresh off of a solid 2015 album, Speedy Ortiz have a released an above average follow-up EP.  Sometimes EPs that closely follow albums are an attempt to extend the excitement of a good album, but this EP feels truly necessary from the very beginning with the killer straight-ahead rock tune “Death Note.”

“Death Note” is an anthem of self-love.  Opening with “Be kind to your bad self/Cause sooner or later you’ll come out good,” the song makes a point about how in times of self-doubt it is important to avoid being to hard on oneself as love may be the key to improvement.  There does seem to be some internal conflict as Dupuis contrasts her “Love letters to me” concept saying that “I only send anything not fond of me.”

Aesthetically the song doesn’t escape categorization as a simple rock tune, but its execution remains unique enough to warrant artistry.  The guitars use distortion well contrasting Dupuis’ pleasant melody.  Subtlety is key and the group does not attempt to show off with some sort of soaring guitar solo.

Although this song remains relatively easy to digest and categorize it certainly makes a good case for solid alternative rock in 2016.



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