Clipping- “Shooter”_Ear Worms

Wriggle cover art

listen here:

Beginning with a simple, industrial tinged bass line, “Shooter” builds into driving hip hop jam with the use of gun sound effects that play with the syncopated flow of Daveed Diggs.  The piece is astounding in the way it hides its minimalism.  With the inclusion of a very catchy hook it is easy to forget that the beat is essentially made up of three tracks:  Guns, which act as a snare; the punchy bass line, and Diggs’ voice.

Lyrically the song is violent, but Diggs uses tongue-in-cheek humor to add a childlike sense to his words. Lines like “Killin’ is the best medicine, diagnosis” and “Choppin’ people like they veggies, Top Chef” make for a very rough and tough aesthetic to match the soundscape provided by the producers.  Reading through the lyrics can also lead to laughter though.  Each line is followed by an extra word that either plays with the subject of the preceding sentence or even the last word of the bar.  “Caught his ass on demand, netflix” and “Shooter bout to go nuts, cashew” obtain a youthful tone as they are pieces of simple, lighthearted wordplay (Nuts=cashews, on demand=netflix).

Daveed Diggs is such a talent.  He released this album the same night he won a Tony for his participation in the Broadway musical Hamilton.  It is great to see that he hasn’t forgot about what may objectively be his best music project.  “Wriggle” serves as a fantastic check-in with Clipping.  Their sound has developed a bit and they’re knack for humor and catchiness in their industrial landscape continues to entertain.



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