Jessy Lanza- “Never Enough”_Ear Worms

Jessy Lanza has a particularly poised dance music sound.  Her influence pool is wide and her new album “Oh No” encompasses a brilliant collage of different contrasting songs.  On “Never Enough” the production is as juicy as ever with a driving kick drum driving in to extremely dance-able territory

Although she’s making dance music, Jessy Lanza maintains a dark, smoldering aesthetic, never emphasizing too many bright sounds at once.  At the most dance-able moments of “Never Enough” the aesthetic remains subdued committing to it’s ridged tempo and funk-tinged bass line.  This combined with Lanza’s echoing vocal parts make for a mysterious tonality.  Perhaps Lanza’s generally quiet voice pulls the sounds that surround her in a certain direction, but the result is quite musical.

Lyrically the song is relatively straightforward.  Lanza’s significant other constantly bombards her with criticism on every little thing she does, saying that she’s “never enough” for him, which is definitely an issue in feminism. Women are judged more heavily then men in terms of personality.  There’s always some level of a man thinking something a woman is doing is too posh or unladylike.  By repeating the phrase “Never Enough” constantly throughout the song, Lanza defines herself as just that.

Lanza has a great sound.  At first I wasn’t into her ballads, but the album flows really nicely as a whole making for a great dance record.



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