On the Monthly: June 2016

June had some really cool stuff from a lot of different genres check out my picks for the best of the best.

Nick Fraser-Starer

“Although the album includes one song of over 10 minutes in length, Fraser wastes little time in his idea development, quickly moving from minimalist beginnings to high-energy final blows.”

Check out an interview that I just did with Nick here

Review of “Minimalism/416-538-7149

First Impressions

Mitski-Puberty 2

“Puberty 2 opens with a song that speaks to the emotion of happiness as real person, providing a first hand look to at Mitski’s fleeting ability to remain happy.  Throughout the album Mitski maintains this discussion through a series of telling metaphors”

check out my thoughts on the tune “Crack Baby

First Impression

Jessy Lanza-Oh No

Had a chance to do an interview with Jessy for Cult MTL look out for it in the next week or so.

“collection of expertly produced electronic pop tunes that complement her strong vocal performance”

Check out my thoughts on “Never Enough

First Impressions

Nate Wooley-Argonautica

 “Through the incorporation of jazz musicians from the free community and the more straight-ahead fusion side of the jazz world,  Wooley presents a space where musicality is at the fore-front with different stylistic preferences epitomizing contrast.”

Liked this album a lot on my first listen as well as the three or four listens that followed.  Plan on doing a full review in the near future.

Clipping-Wriggle (EP)

Wriggle cover art

“the group uses intriguing sampling to construct an industrial aesthetic matching the hard-lined delivery of Diggs”

Check out my thoughts on the song “Shooter

First Impressions


case/lang/veirs cover art

“lush, folk sound aesthetic, each of them sharing the spotlight to allow their voices and lyricism to sing out together”

check out my thoughts on “Supermoon

First Impressions



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