ScHoolboy Q-“Whateva You Want”_Ear Worms

ScHoolboy Q is back to his sensual ways on “Whateva You Want.”  Accompanied by the soothing vocals of Candice Pillay, atop a driving bass line, Q spills lyrics about accomplishing goals for his partner.  The song may be Q’s most banging dance hit to date as new instrumentation constantly enters the mix building upon the groovy foundation with an infectious hook rounding out the formula.

Personality may be ScHoolboy Q’s greatest attribute.  His quirky voice and animated flow serve as a perfect splash of color over his hard-hitting beats.  “Whateva You Want” may present a gatsby-esque theme but Q’s quirkiness certainly shines through.  As each verse moves along, Q’s flow constantly changes, moving into many registers of his voice, the phrase “Whateva You Want” grounding every melodic variation.

The vocals of Candice Pillay serve as a fantastic complement to Q’s personality.  Her subdued delivery is made more interesting by the layers of backing vocals surrounding the main melody.  It is slightly reminiscent of Kendrick Lamar’s collaborations with Anna Wise, except the idea behind it is a bit different.  Where Lamar’s flows emphasize darkness and introspection, Q values color and quirk.  On the other hand, Wise’s bright delivery is contrasted by more subtlety in the execution from Pillay.  This reversal of roles is quite subtle, but it is clear that Top Dawg Entertainment can put together contrasting projects, falling under similar sound aesthetics.

ScHoolboy Q has really just dropped one of the best hip-hop albums of the year.  The 17 song track-list never fails to provide a fresh, new beat from song to song.  Also, Q’s wide ranging collection of flows make for many different moods throughout.



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