Mich Cota-“To Destroy What is Left”_Ear Worms

Sapphic cover art


Mich Cota ponders ideas on their new project “Sapphic.”  Each song stagnates in a singular place for an undetermined period of time, developments occurring amidst the gradual looping of melodic ideas.  The album is best digested as an overall project as Cota weaves a tale from song to song, however, each track stands out with some not leaving their selected location for more than 15 minutes and others providing a brief jaunt around a small room.

“To Destroy What is Left” plays with the moods of optimism and uncertainty, first creating dark ambiance with little motion in the pool of sound.  Slowly, tapping synthesizers come into the mix generating a great deal of tension.  The song ends in a realm of optimism with bright melodies replacing darkness within the ambiance of the first portion of the song.   Although the song is somewhat divided, the two main moods seep into the background whenever the opposite mood takes center stage.  In the part of the song with constant, pressing synths, the underlying melody is along the lines of the optimism of the end.  Also, despite being more optimistic, the second half of the song takes some turns towards uncertainty with melodic ideas ending in unexpected ways.

As far as visceral ambiance goes, Mich Cota has clearly created a great piece of music on this album.  His sense of development is particularly brilliant and the electronic landscape serves him well allowing for ideas to echo and drone on for long periods of time encapsulating the listener.  Certainly worth sitting down and listening to in one sitting.



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