looking ahead.

Cashmere cover art

The Swet Shop Boys are a newfound international rap group consisting of Heems, Riz MC, and Redinho.  All members of the group are artists in their own right, however, the best preface for this single may be the career of Heems who is a part of Das Racist, a rap group that combines middle-eastern tonalities with their beats.  On the group’s first single, “T5” the subject is airport security and the racial undertones that follow it.

I anticipate covering Cashmere when it comes out on October 14th

Listen to the single via bandcamp

I got the chance to see Mick Jenkins do a pop-up show in Montreal recently and he really brought the house down.  His debut full-length LP is sure to inspire hard-hitting rhymes and beats with room for social awareness.  On “Spread Love,” Jenkins offers a rundown of his background, hard times and perseverance spilling over moody keyboards.

His new album The Healing Component drops September 23rd


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