On the Monthly: August 2016

I know this is really late my bad.

Nao: For All We Know

“her wobbling funk music bounces with a certain fury giving her high, R&B vocals a smoldering impact”

Read the rest of the review here

Sylvie Courvaisier, Mark Feldman, Ikue Mori, and Evan Parker: Miller’s Tale


“real effort for every sound to be justified, every raw melodic choice comes from a logical place making for a record that should appeal to most music fans”

Full Review here

Steve Lehman: Sélébéyone

S�l�b�yone album cover

“angular, modern-jazz melodies perfectly complement the jumping overtones of Gaston Bandimic’s flow with vivid production pulling from both idioms”

Full Review here

“emphasizes effortless, natural songwriting, each song sounding like an off-the-cuff melodic exploration”

Full Review

“Perhaps the album has some relatively lacking hooks, perhaps it over-emphasizes melancholy moodiness, but the return of Frank Ocean is certainly a spectacular feat”

Full Piece


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