Glamour Nails-Glamour Nails: Album Review

Really liked this project wrote a formal review for 8/10 read it below

Glamour Nails

“The notion of texturally advanced improvised music is strong in Canada. Beginning with the likes of Jean Derome, Joane Hétu, and Le Quatuor de Jazz Libre du Québec, Quebec’s musiques actuelles movement forged an original sound out of the ideology of blues and swing, with a wide array of different sound effects and instrumental technics entering the mix. Today, improvising musicians of all ages continue to explore sonic landscapes in many different ways with texture guiding aesthetic choices. Although based outside of Quebec, the duo of Lina Allemano and Justin Haynes certainly pay respect to musique actuelles on their self-titled debut album. Billed as an off-the-cuff improvising session, the quick-hitting work thrives on drastic change with Haynes’ quirky sound choices backing the many faces of Allemano’s trumpet playing.”

-Donovan Burtan

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