2016 Review: Honorable Mentions

No Particular Order:

Weezer-self/titled (white album)

A sunny album that throws a little bit of pet sounds into the classic weezer mix.

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Blood Quartet-Deep Red

No wave threw and threw with trumpet at the helm.

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Kristoffer Lo-The Black Meat

A gloomy drone album that re-contextualizes the tuba with massive, electronic soundscapes coming into play at each climax.

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Nao-For All We Know

A nonstop pop party.

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Xenia Rubinos-Black Terry Cat

An amalgam of punk, soul, and hip-hop ethos with social awareness and charisma dripping down the walls of each track.

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Jason Sharp-A Boat Upon Its Blood


A dense experience that searches for resolution throughout.

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An album that never skips a beat, destroying the competition with each fiery verse.

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Nick Fraser-Starer

A quick-hitting record that expertly navigates the space between planned and spontaneous.

Further Reading

Wadada Leo Smith and Vijay Iyer-a cosmic rhythm with each stroke

A striking duo project with an air of minimalism achieving an unexpected level of accessibility.

Further Reading

Braids-Companion EP

A necessary reiteration of the sounds of their 2015 record.

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