Looking Ahead: Week of January 9th

Here’s the albums I’m most looking forward to reviewing this week.

Ingrid Laubrock is quickly becoming one of Brooklyn’s finest jazz composers.  After 2015’s Roulette of the Cradle, Serpentines is her latest chamber jazz record.  Although the likes of Peter Evans, Sam Pluta, and Tyshawn Sorey tend to inspire heavy material, this record–from what I gather–seems to balance the hectic sections with huge swaths of space.

(This is an album I should’ve checked out in 2016, but I ran into some time constraints, so I’m going to write a review of it this week.)

Admittedly, Daniel Mackenzie is not an artist I’m familiar with, but I found this record via the wonderful A Closer Listen blog and I’m excited to review.  Getting released on January 3rd, Every Time Feels Like The Last Time might just be the first great record of 2017.  Mackenzie’s pensive piano work is matched with brooding ambiance, and dramatic drones throughout.

This album ranges from droning vocals to snapping electronics.  Although these elements may not cohesive flow into one another at all times, each tune certainly inspires intrigue.



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