Classic Album of the Week: The Slits-Cut

On Cut, The Slits wore feminism on their sleeves and presented a pivotal late-70s rock record that fused post-punk, reggae, and art-rock into one eclectic jangle.  “Instant Hit” kicks things off with a taste of the group’s open, back-beat grooves and collective vocal delivery.  “Spend, Spend, Spend” and “Shoplifting”battle consumerism before “Ping Pong Affair” depicts the ever-present possibility of facing violence as a woman in society. Perhaps the work’s most notable single is the anthemic “Typical Girls.”  Switching between that pretty piano melody and the driving punk riffage, vocalist Ari Up sarcastically drums up society’s formula for the respectable woman and rips it down with her iconic snarly high-notes.  From the quirkier approach to synths that the Talking Heads would take up in the 80’s to the lo-fi obsession of the 90’s, reverberations of this album would be heard all over rock music for decades.


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