The Uncoverables Podcast: Seamus Williams (TVE) Interview

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This week’s podcast features the man behind the music project TVE, who released a tape called “Anormal et troublant” this past year on Falt Records.  Williams is also a big community radio head so we also speak about scouring record collections for fascinating old noise experimentation.  You can catch his radio show “Music Under the Moon” on or facebook or 91.3 WCUW if you happen to live in Worchester, Massachusetts.


Christian Maclay and Otomo Yoshihide-“Sliced and Diced” from Moving Parts

Chemiefaserwerk-“Stromern” from Collagen

TVE-“#4” from Anormal et troublant

Remnants-“Dark Passage Excerpt”

Emilie Girard-Charest-“Avec Marc à Barcelone – Track 2 Master 1” from Avec


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