Jessica Mos-Pools of Light: Quick 100

Hey I wrote this for the CULT MTL print edition shhhhhh don’t tell my editor it’s here lol

Montreal vet Jessica Moss makes melody and looping sound effortless on her debut solo LP.  “Glaciers 2” thrives on high, floating violin melodies and “Entire Populations Prt. 4” takes a direct structure with each repetition of the short melodic phrase seeing the addition of another layer.  Besides these somewhat straightforward moments, incredible sonic designs push the album to new heights.  “Glaciers I” opens with layers of manipulated vocals, painting a haunting landscape for swells of bass sound, whereas “Populations Prt. 2” opens with falling stars of electric violin sounds.  Moss doesn’t need much to craft beauty, but her many different songwriting approaches make her debut surprising at every turn.

-Donovan Burtan


Trial Track: “Glaciers 1 Part 1”


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