Hey, so I know this blog is my weird “I only do this when I’m bored” project but I’ll post some old album reviews and new ones and my year end list.  If you enjoy reading somehow even though I disappear for months at a time that’s cool.

Walking her usual dangerous line of unabashed artificiality, Charli XCX finds non-stop success on Pop 2.  XCX’s perfect relationship with the PC music crowd has never felt this good for this long as her deeply autotuned heartache finds equal footing against the violent cotton-candy stuffiness of the highly bangable b-side.  The mixtape category reigns most true when XCX takes a backseat to her usual eclectic collaborative crew.  I Got it sees XCX on hook duty between spiked verses from Cupcakke and Brooke Candy; Mykki Blanco scorches on her verse besides Femmebot’s lightning inducing hook.

The moment that perhaps puts the whole project in focus comes when the spell is utterly broken on “Delicious.”  The driving tempo collapses, a distant radio hearkens back to the “Boom Clap” days while vibration indicates an incoming call.  Without losing her virtuosic hook-writing, Charli has truly killed off her former self.  Pop 2 is a new world that’s not entirely comfortable for all of us but Charli XCX charges up her batteries with ease and sets her sights on the tron-like neon violence of the future.


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