Scallops Hotel (milo)-sovereign nose of (y)​ our arrogant face: ALBUM REVIEW

Riding his usual wave of intimate, self-produced beats and sputtering, rhythmically disorienting flows, rapper milo continues his wave on his latest Scallops Hotel project.  Toying with ideas of anti-capitalism and systematic racism, milo often finds himself torn. “And I know property is theft/but it’s still some things I’m wanting” he admits on the opener, before wondering about a life outside of the experience of people of color he takes pride over: “To live without fear of penalty, penance, gangs, wrong, shit.”

Humor and childlike awe pull him away from his anxieties.  “This no roundabouts, I play the Yes album for round about the thousandth time,” a young music obsession flourishes.  “I’ve never hit the creatine/Ain’t no muscles big enough to stop the guillotine” sees his darkness, whereas the outro of Wherearewe finds bliss, falling out of time as milo discusses Captain Caveman with a slightly different-aged millennial.

Sporting an energetic verse from YOUNGMAN and an addicting, lilting beat, “Private Temple Hours” is the standout track. “Youngman in the house like a foyer/And when I punch Nazi goys they say oy vey, enjoy hey,” it’s a match made in heaven.

The first Scallops Hotel project was a 40 minute collage of stream-of-conscious thoughts and arrogant face has the same sensibility with a few moments yielding standalone value, including the closer Sedans, a Steel Tipped Dove co-produced track that bursts the usual sluggish tempo and reaches for loftier crowds.  His current work is for heads and heads only, but his lyrical footing is ridiculously strong.  More hyped up tracks and quantized flows could see a little bit of world-conquering in the coming years.




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