cupcakke-Ephorize: ALBUM REVIEW

“I thought I came but I peed on the dick”

There aren’t many who start a verse better than cupcakke.  Her most widely heard moment thus far was propelled by a hype-man yelling HUMP ME/FUCK ME and lines like “I want to eat your dick,” establishing her an icon of queer club life everywhere. Ephorize is an acceleration of this one-liner mastery and brash club readiness, also leaving a little bit of room to grow-up. 

Self Interview sees introspection at the surface level (“Why the fuck do I do the things that I do?”), but a song like Total adds nuance to her raunchy brand.  Sex in abundance is a radical act of self-care to some and confronted with a potential partner she poses the question: “Is it worth not being solo?”  Following the gruesomely specific Spoiled Milk T*****s (“Spread my ass cheeks out/While your dick is deep”), the song showcases the extremities of sexual youth.

Sonically, she’s also at the top of her game, fitting nicely into the dance-hall influenced electronic iciness of current pop. Duck Duck Goose points towards Big Fish Theory, whereas queer anthem Crayons sounds right out of a hot Latin House mix.  Cupcakke may have difficulty fitting into the FCC regulations for radio play, but her music is wide-reaching—perfectly tuned to tell young folks everywhere that their desires are valid.



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