HOLY-All These Worlds Are Yours: ALBUM REVIEW

From the first downbeat, HOLY’s All These Worlds Are Yours sees sweeping expanse articulated by beds of synth, joyous piano plucking, and sweeping high strings.  The album operates a bit like an ambient album or an instrumental work as repetitive ideas take one under their wings and envelop the senses in a childlike awe.  Six-minute epic Premonition//It Shines Through sees a warm opening with sharp drum fills and swirling keyboards, before the whole structure dissolves down to a foundation of driving bass and drums to eventually crawl back up to the bold-letter opening.  More studio magic shows up on Heard Her as the orchestral groove completely dissipates for a moment of silence to reinforce the impact of the snare, later yielding the space to an oddball collection of found sounds to once again reinvigorate the jolting mass of sound.  Perhaps the song-structures won’t completely stand the test of time, but the album soothes with its buoyant personality and expansive mix of terrains.



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