Amber Mark-Conexão EP REVIEW

Logging four songs after last year’s breakout 3:33am, Amber Mark leaves her electronic lean, finding herself in the out-of-time, floating balm of Sade with enough punch to appeal to today’s pop landscape.

The floral arrangements that surround Mark’s head in the “Love Me Right” video are apt as the lush orchestral landscape and vocal arrangements cushion her lead vocal lines throughout these four tracks.  Opening with the title track–the word “connection” in Portuguese–Mark sets the tone, later toying with attraction, the electronic energy between the right people, and the decisions love makes for us.  Closer “All the Work” perhaps is the most directly related to today, taking the acoustic aesthetic of the work at the clip of today’s House obsession.

Only two EPs in, Mark has proven that her voice will demand any track she touches, with instrumental and vocal detailing crafting a buoyant lush world, completely singular in a tough time to do so.


-Donovan Burtan


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