Kehlani “Nights Like This” Track Review

Another day, another perf sci-fi video you have to see.

Kehlani’s got the right voice for today’s sounds.  Call it the Cardi b effect!  Like Cardi’s ability to sound right alongside classic hip-hop and trap dudes, Kehlani can bring runs, and she’s got power a la the classic R&B singers like Brandy or Ginuwine, but she also can fit in with the electronic sounds today and bring us the bops that were all madly craving in the latter half of this decade. Nights Like This packs a hell of a chorus, Kehlani effortlessly speaking over the cresting melody.  Ty Dolla $ign brings a palpable chemistry to give that last chorus the extra push, both tossing in some welcome backing vocals to lift the energy a bit higher.  It’s perhaps a bit down the middle, sung to a lover who didn’t show up the way they wanted, but it sounds light on this feet, sure to sneak up on you after a couple plays.

-Donovan Burtan

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