Little Simz “Boss” Track Review

Though me and some other critics enjoyed Simz’s last album “Stillness in Wonderland,” others were skeptical and I don’t know if it has a whole lot of teeth with rap fans.  Admittedly, I think I was a bit quick to the jump as her vision could’ve still used some honing and a bit more life–today “Wonderland” holds up to a degree, but it’s a bit overly dreary.

Still, the singles for her album GREY Area that drops tomorrow maintain much of the versatility that Wonderland hinted at, with its array of features, with a bit more songwriting focus and maturity.  Highlight “Boss” is a singular moment in her catalog, sporting her sharpest and most poignant production to date. Her distorted voice crafts a punchy chorus and signature quick-witted rhymes effortlessly fly over the fuzzy bass sound.  The gender play is interesting too.  Aside from the lyric “I’m a boss in a fucking dress” the distorted and non-distorted vocals contrast each other, Simz bouncing between masc and fem vocal presentation.  Certainly her most accomplished tune to date.

-Donovan Burtan

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