Looking Ahead: 3/1

Solange-When I Get Home

Solange hit us with a surprise release last night and you gotta sit down and listen to this thing immediately.  When I Get Home feels like an instant-classic, seemingly taking all the energy on A Seat at the Table and filtering it through a vaporizer.  Little cells of melody lilt and repeat over sparse but lively production making for one of the most adventurous and avant-garde mainstream albums this side of Blonde.

Little Simz-GREY

Little Simz has been a talent in rap and introspection for a while and it looks like it’s only up from here—GREY Area promises to be her most developed work yet.

Yves Jarvis-The Same But By Different Means

Having released more indie rock oriented stuff as Un Blonde, Montreal’s Jean-Sebastian Audet has changed his name and rebranded as a sort of abstract soul artist.  Single “That Don’t Make It So” sounds almost like Flying Lotus produced a tune with D’Angelo.



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