Dis Fig “Unleash” Track Review

Felicia Chen’s music as Dis Fig will likely make a lot more sense to you if you get to the part of her Mixmag set where Portishead’s “Morning Air” peeks out of the industrial machinery, sounding like the distant radio song heard in the background of a Matrix fight scene.  Though single “WHY” centers on her voice, the way it’s introduced later on in the set follows in this path as an electronic sunset blends into the tense background of the track.

Her other single “Unleash” is actually built like this, which gives the impression that her debut album will exalt the tension between isolating electronics and intimate, deeply human vocals.  Beginning with a stab of distortion and some sparse, gradually building drums, “Unleash” sees Chen’s distant, distorted vocals build up in drama and intensity as the rhythm become steadier and the drones more menacing.  The finale sees echoing cries of “GET OUT” met by brutal, pounding drums.  Known for very loud and very genre-less DJ sets–somehow both Danny Brown and Godflesh are staples–Chen seems to be following in the footsteps of the Berlin’s crop of avant-vocalists like Laurel Halo and Lotic, blending wild textures and general harshness into moments that’ll fit with her singular brand of dancefloor readiness.

-Donovan Burtan

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