Looking Ahead: 11/16.

Anderson .Paak-Oxnard

California wunderkind offers another glance at the buoyant, diverse musical styles of his home state.


Insecure-approved young rapper bolsters confidence over sparse, but powerful production.


Looking Ahead: 11/2.

Vince Staples-FM!

Surprise release from the adventurous west coast rapper sees him tackle more straightforward club moods to follow last year’s electronic opus.

Kelly Moran-Ultraviolet

Associated with Oneohtrix Point Never, and having found success in the contemporary classical community, Kelly Moran continues her solo career with her Warp! debut, making music that pushes piano into a completely new context.

Jessica Moss-Entanglement

Moss made my year-end list last year and Entanglement sees her again molding tiny ideas into massive events.

Looking Ahead: 10/29

Hello! sorrY thIs is LATE but here’s what I’m listemimg to this week.

Julie Holter makes a wildly adventurous blend of experimental baroque and art pop and her new album Aviary is utterly MASSIVE.  90-Minutes, huge swells of vocals, and cavernous instrumental cacophony; it’s a wild ride.

Robyn remains singularly enthralling after an eight year hiatus.

Looking Ahead: October 5th

Cat Power-Wanderer

It sucks that someone like Chan Marshall, an essential piece of the Matador Records pie, has to fight for legitimacy in 2018, but the powerful songwriter has moved over to Domino with a newfound manager to release the album “Wanderer” on her own terms.  Featuring Lana Del Ray, single “Woman” sees Marshall at her most emboldened state ready to grab her identity by the horns.

Molly Burch-First Flower

Molly Burch’s vocal chops are a live highlight and made her first album stick out despite being slightly straightforward.  Her new album “First Flower” is poised to explode and if the singles are any indication, her lyrics are jumping to more nuanced and mature topics.

Marie Davidson-Working Class Woman

One half of Montreal french Minimal wave titans Essaie Pas–and a slew of other projects–Marie Davidson packs a punch on her own.  Marking her move to Ninja Tune, Working Class Woman is fourth solo release and based on the singles, she’s broken new ground with biting lyrics and bursting bass lines.