Looking Ahead: 9/14

Noname-Room 25

Noname sounds brazenly confident on her second album, rapping about black masculinity and femininity through a wide variety of production.

Jungle-For Ever

UK’s Jungle cooks a pot of future-soul, R&B, and funk.


Looking Ahead: September 7th

Steven Hauschildt-Dissolvi

Producer provides a range of looser minimal techno atmosphere and fleshed out song forms.

Armand Hammer-Paraffin

Underground rap vets bring magnetic chemistry to rich and vivid production world.

Sarah Davachi-Gave in Rest

Prolific as hell Montreal musician continues to evolve her ambient sound world with another chilling release.

(out next week but very much on my radar)


Looking Ahead: August 31st

Troye Sivan-Bloom

Australian pop star builds a more mature world that builds on the queer sensibilities that have always accompanied his ear for hooks and melody.

Chastity-Death Lust

Chastity bends post-hardcore to equally enraged and tender place.

Rui Ho-Becoming is an Eventful Situation

Chinese DJ bridges traditional music and a striking modern plasticism.


Looking Ahead: August 10th

Moses Sumney-Black in Deep Red, 2014 EP

It’s a true testament to Sumney’s vision as an artist that he can immerse his listener in a completely different sound world from his last album in a nine-minute EP.  Here, the barren landscapes of Aromanticism get swapped for massive layering and driving intensity.

Shygirl-Cruel Practice EP

Producer Shygirl makes dynamic, dark music that drives and pulses with energy.

Looking Ahead: July 27th

Underworld and Iggy Pop-Teatime Dub Encounters

Depending on your view of legacy acts and the movie Trainspotting, a crossover of these two acts conjures eye rolls or tears of joy.  Pop’s track record is generally pretty damn good and though this may not be some earth shattering occurrence, the punk strains that connect these two acts seem to have aligned in this wordy, slow burn single for an EP.

Analog Tara-Fundamentals EP

A pulsing techno sound-quest drawing on mean bass activity and warm, emotional synth clouds alike.  Check out her book while you’re at it.

Phantastic Ferniture-Phantastic Ferniture

Australian Julia Jacklin takes on a new band sporting fun, driving guitar leads for the road.










Looking Ahead.

Don’t have any finished album reviews this week, but here’s what I’d like to look for next Friday.

Released on the ever-texturally stimulating Tri-Angle records, Berlin’s Lotic explores violent electronic terrains with lyrics that hint at black, queer existence in a hetero-normative world.

The Internet-Hive Mind

Having slowly latched onto pop’s subconscious, Syd and Steve Lacy return to their stomping ground for the band’s fourth proper record.

Palberta is what I imagine a blizzard in Ithaca, New York to feel like.  An artsy, upstate safe-haven hit with a hectic mess of estranged grooves and raucous vocals.  Maybe I’m just projecting my Montreal experience onto a slightly less ambient-obsessed sonic landscape. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯