The Uncoverables: Gordon Grdina Interview CKUT

I got the chance to speak with Gordon Grdina (guitar and Oud) on the radio tonight.  He plays at La Vitrola tomorrow.  We spoke a bit about his experiences learning from Gary Peacock, playing in the vastly diverse Vancouver scene, as well as the group Haram who he’s currently touring with.

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The Uncoverables: Jane/Kin LIVE on CKUT

Next up in the live line-up was Montreal experimental duo Jane/Kin. Bridging the efforts of saxophonist Ida Toninato and laptop musician/Foley artist Ana Dall’Ara-Majek, Jane/Kin seeks to blur all lines and boundaries and provide the listener with an immersive musical experience.  I’m sure even the most trained ears will be shocked to hear what was used in this particular creation.

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