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Here’s my official running list of suggestions:

Big Thief-UFOF


Big Thief makes music that feels close from the jump.  Yet, there’s still an evasiveness–making meaning sometimes falls on the listener’s shoulder.

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Aldous Harding-Designer


“Harding’s videos for this album have gotten a lot of traction, and though they can look rather daunting with their specific color patterns and angular motions, they also give you an out with their sense of humor–a perfect metaphor for a provocative work that also doesn’t seek to get you down.”

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“This pyramid-stage remixing of her whole discography is perhaps the most flawless run of Beyoncé songs in a row that you can take home and listen to, with a vocal performance so transcendent that it sounds super human.”

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Billy Woods and Kenny Segal-Hiding Places


“Woods’ treadmill is always going; approaching it is all on you.”

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Weyes Blood-Titanic Rising


“The grappling nature of the album is achieved rather effortlessly, however, which makes it digestible and even fun. These may be brooding ideas but they aren’t brooding tunes as the listener is enveloped delicately and openly.”

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Pup-Morbid Stuff


“This LP presents a band that’s both more effective at storytelling and infectious melodies, more emotionally piercing and relatable; tighter than almost anyone touring right now.”

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Show Me the Body-Dog Whistle


Dog Whistle presents Show Me The Body 2.0, a muscular vehicle that will likely continuously place their core sound through time warps and cheese graters over their next few releases.”

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Jenny Lewis-On the Line


“Jenny Lewis is hugely important right now and though this isn’t some massive rekindling, it sees the artist doing what she does best and embodying a lane she carved out.”

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Dis Fig-Purge


“Sometimes the process becomes the art beautifully and with Purge, Chen crafts unique paths and engages her audience with an important underground document, fitting nicely with the sounds of today, while drawing on some key references that are now becoming official artifacts of the past.”

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American Football-LP3


“This is a true masterclass in wearing “20 years since our break-out” as well as “complete make-over” on one’s sleeve.  American Football know who they are, but they are certainly not done with us yet.”

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Booker Stardrum-Temporary Etc.


“Stardrum’s first EP showed a lot of promise and the LP is a massive exercise in fleshing out the artist’s sensibilities.  It’s a great piece and indicates greater potential for even more expansion in the future.”

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Little Simz-GREY Area


“A holistic representation of the rapper, perhaps her first one released as an LP, that never bogs the listener down in flexes or anxiety.”

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Solange-When I Get Home


“A document of a different pop world, one where the listener isn’t allowed a road map, rather a collection of shapes and angles to explore and ponder.  Always fascinating to hear this from such a pillar of contemporary mainstream culture.”

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Objekt-Cocoon Crush


“every step further into Cocoon Crush feels organic and human”

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Jessica Pratt-Quiet Signs


“It’ll start your day slowly, call you to sleep quickly. Quiet Signs sounds of the earth; new but forever.”

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Ariana Grande-Thank You, Next

“If 2018 saw Grande confronting personal and communal tragedy with ease, 2019 might be the time when she shows how human she is.  Rather than assigning herself the duty of having No Tears Left to Cry for a full campaign, she proposes to shed the wall between her and her fans, maybe join us in our messiness”

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Girlpool-What Chaos is Imaginary


“[What Chaos is] Imaginary’s expanse yields the group’s current masterwork, catchy enough to service fans, but also rife with crystalline, motionless pools to ponder their evasive lyricism.”

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NKISI-7 Directions


“Where previously skeletal electronic sounds once stood, now stands a huge block of all encompassing sound that, coupled with these songwriting strategies, never quite sits still for you.”

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Better Oblivion Community Center-S/T


“Better Oblivion Community Center is a place in a town that doesn’t exist physically, rather dots the lines between Connor Oberst and Phoebe Bridgers’ collective past and present.”

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Sharon Van Etten-Remind Me Tomorrow


“Remind Me Tomorrow aches and crawls between its moments of steady clarity”

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