The Uncoverables Podcast: Nick Fraser Interview

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This week’s episode (is four days late….) features excerpts from an interview I did over the summer with Canadian Improvising Drummer Nick Fraser.  We spoke a bit about his philosophies surrounding improvisation and the process behind his latest album Starer which you can find at!  New music from outside the jazz world included after the interview portion.  Tune in!

(photo credit: Christer Männikus)

Playlist (artist-“tune” from album)

Nick Fraser-“Sketch #20/22” from Starer

Gintas K-“Minmi” from Under My Skin

Sarah Davachi-“Ghosts and All” from Vergers

Sneaks-“Inside Edition” from It’s a Myth

The Courtneys-“Silver Velvet” from II



Album Review: Ras Moshe and Stefan Cristoff- Rêves Sonores à Alwan

Awesome new album from Montreal’s Howl! Arts collective listen to it here and enjoy my complete rundown of the tape.

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“In the realm of contemporary music, free jazz and electronic sound art have run in similar directions.  The idea that an architect of sound can evoke a meaning that is rooted in traditional musical phrasing, yet free from the traditional systematic approach to organizing pitch and rhythm is the basis behind both art forms.  Despite the similarities in mentality and phrase structure, the contrasting sound aesthetics valued in each musical style provide for ideas that communicate without producing a sound leaning more towards one art form.  On Rêves Sonores à Alwan, the newest release from Montreal’s own Howl Arts Collective, Saxophone player Ras Moshe, Pianist Stefan Christoff, and producer Nick Schofield have joined forces resulting in a piece of music that explores the expressive possibilities of sound in both an electronic based community as well as a more jazz rooted conception.”

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Listening 4/19

Lots of brand new material today.

Ras Moshe + Stefan Christoff_Rêves Sonores à Alwan

  • New release from Montreal’s own Howl Arts collective
  • really eclectic mix of ambient and improvisational sounds
  • absolutely love it first impressions post coming soon

Émilie Payeur– Deadline

  • Montreal sound artist
  • harsh ambient sounds
  • brand new album just came out on Friday unfortunately didn’t make it to the release show but I’m really digging the album right now
  • really risky I like it a lot

Joy Division- Unknown Pleasures

  • post-punk classic

Radiohead-In Rainbows

  • definitely a lot of Joy Division influence in Radiohead
  • electronic approach to rock was epitomized by Radiohead sort of comes from the same place that Joy Division was concieved
  • I think there’s some influence in vocal work there as well

Ida Toninato- Strangeness is Graditude

  • minimalist Baritone Sax player from Montreal
  • just came out so I am checking it out haha stay tuned

New Deerhoof song

  • it’s awesome