The Uncoverables Podcast: Ernesto Cervini’s Turboprop Episode

I spoke to the leader of the now JUNO nominated Turboprop ensemble.  Ernesto Cervini is an extremely active force in the Toronto music community.  From electrifying progressive rock influenced trio work with Myriad3 to a Radiohead tribute band, he’s done it all.  We spoke about how this ensemble has developed over time and how his vision has driven them on their latest album REV.

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cupcakke-Ephorize: ALBUM REVIEW

“I thought I came but I peed on the dick”

There aren’t many who start a verse better than cupcakke.  Her most widely heard moment thus far was propelled by a hype-man yelling HUMP ME/FUCK ME and lines like “I want to eat your dick,” establishing her an icon of queer club life everywhere. Ephorize is an acceleration of this one-liner mastery and brash club readiness, also leaving a little bit of room to grow-up. 

Self Interview sees introspection at the surface level (“Why the fuck do I do the things that I do?”), but a song like Total adds nuance to her raunchy brand.  Sex in abundance is a radical act of self-care to some and confronted with a potential partner she poses the question: “Is it worth not being solo?”  Following the gruesomely specific Spoiled Milk T*****s (“Spread my ass cheeks out/While your dick is deep”), the song showcases the extremities of sexual youth.

Sonically, she’s also at the top of her game, fitting nicely into the dance-hall influenced electronic iciness of current pop. Duck Duck Goose points towards Big Fish Theory, whereas queer anthem Crayons sounds right out of a hot Latin House mix.  Cupcakke may have difficulty fitting into the FCC regulations for radio play, but her music is wide-reaching—perfectly tuned to tell young folks everywhere that their desires are valid.



The Uncoverables: Jane/Kin LIVE on CKUT

Next up in the live line-up was Montreal experimental duo Jane/Kin. Bridging the efforts of saxophonist Ida Toninato and laptop musician/Foley artist Ana Dall’Ara-Majek, Jane/Kin seeks to blur all lines and boundaries and provide the listener with an immersive musical experience.  I’m sure even the most trained ears will be shocked to hear what was used in this particular creation.

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The Uncoverables Podcast: Ethan Cohn Interview

This week’s episode features a talk with Montreal-based bassist Ethan Cohn, who released his debut record “Plastic Waste” over the summer.  Topics include Einstein’s theory of relativity, Italian rain, and finding cohesion in a mixed bag of influences.  His album release party takes place on October 2nd at Cafe Resonance for those in the area.

Some slight microphone issues at the start my apologies.

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The Uncoverables Podcast: Matthew Shipp Interview

This week’s podcast features a talk with underground New York legend Matthew Shipp who first gained recognition as a member of David S. Ware’s band in the 1980s before collaborating with the likes of Roscoe Mitchell, El-P, Evan Parker, and everyone in between.  He comes to Montreal on September 18th to play with Thomas Lehn (AT/DE) and John Butcher (UK).

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